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Is my dog fat?

Identifying Obesity in Dogs

Obesity affects 56% of dogs in the U.S. Learn how to identify weight gain and obesity in your dog, so you can take the next step in curing it.

Why is my dog getting fat?

Why dogs gain weight

Diet, age, environment, genetics, and an underlying medical condition can be the cause of obesity in your dog.

Weight loss diet for dogs

Diet is the key to weight loss, so how many calories is needed in a weight loss diet for dogs? Hint: the food bag isn’t spot on.

Obese dog exercise plan

Obesity can shorten a dog’s life by 2.5 years. Jump start your dog’s weight loss with a 4-Week Obese Dog Exercise Plan.

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Health risks of obesity in dogs

Health Risks Of Obesity In Dogs

With many deadly health risks of obesity in dogs, knowing the signs and treatments can save, and return your dog back to a happy, healthy life.

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