Helpful advice for a healthy pup's life. A fluffy mid-sized dog stands on a scale with a tape measure dangling from his mouth.


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Do pugs need a lot of exercise? A pug running through a grass field

Do Pugs Need A Lot Of Exercise?

Bred as companion dogs, Pugs are not an active breed. So, do pugs need a lot of exercise? No, but Pugs do need 30-minutes of daily exercise.

Foods high in magnesium for dogs. A Pomeranian staring at a strawberry

Foods High In Magnesium For Dogs

Low magnesium in dogs causes muscle pain, weakness, and arrhythmia. Luckily, there are many healthy human foods high in magnesium for dogs.

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Exercise For Senior Dogs. A close-up photo of a senior golden retriever enjoying the outdoors

Exercise for Senior Dogs: What’s The Right Amount?

Our sweet, stubborn old pups. Sleep may seem to be their favorite pastime lately, but exercise for senior dogs is more important now than ever. How much exercise should your senior dog get? Your senior dog should still enjoy the same amount of exercise as her younger days — at least 30 minutes a day

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