Working Group Breeds

Bred for large jobs like pulling carts, guarding property, or rescuing people, Working Group breeds require extra exercise to stay healthy and happy. Large working dogs make excellent loyal companions.

Boxer Information


Bred for hunting bears, boar, and deer, the Boxer is an athletic breed with a powerful bite. Fearless and loyal, Boxers make a great family dog.

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American Bulldog Information

American Bulldog

Starting as a farmer’s dog, the stocky American Bulldog is athletic, powerful, and muscular. American Bulldogs are friendly, happy, and devoted.

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Doberman Pinscher Information

Doberman Pinscher

Fearless, and assertive, the Doberman Pinscher thrives on companionship. Dobermans are a courageous and highly intelligent dog breed.

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Great Dane Information

Great Dane

Bred for hunting bears in Germany, the Great Dane is a giant breed that loves affection. Playful and loyal, Great Danes don’t require much exercise.

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