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With over 56% of dogs suffering from obesity in the US, we chose to help make a difference. We learned alongside top veterinary experts how to control and manage our own dog’s weight loss and health struggles. Now we want to pass that knowledge to you.

Helpful advice for your healthy pup’s life.

Shelby, 7 years
Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen (Mixed)

Shelby - a petite basset griffon vendeen laying on her dog donut toy with her chin rested on it


We Are Committed to helping your pup overcome obesity struggles.

From diet and exercise to health tips and advice. We promise to deliver tested, expert knowledge to help your best friend lose weight and stay healthy.

Values we live by


Partner Collaboration

We need to maintain communication with experts and professionals to deliver new, collaborative ideas to help better dogs' health.


Passion for results

Seeing your dog happier and moving around like her puppy days. It's an amazing feeling, which is why it became our passion to share it with you.


Constantly improving

Our information will always be updated, important, and relevant to your dog's health. If you ever have questions or concerns, email us at


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